Weekly Organized Play Events

Weekly Event Schedule


Monday: MTG Standard Tournament 8pm


Tuesday: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament 6pm

Commander Open Play 4pm

Wednesday: Digimon Tournament 6pm


Thursday: Heroclix Open Play 6pm


Friday: Friday Night Magic Draft 7:30pm


Saturday: Cardfight Vanguard Tournament 3pm

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament 4:30pm


Sunday: One Piece Tournament 4:30pm

Organized Play!

Game King Organized Play Schedule


Weekly Events

Tuesday: Yu-Gi-oh at 7pm

Tuesday: Casual Commander at 5pm


Wednesday: Casual Commander at 4pm

Wednesday: Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League at 6pm


Thursday: Heroclix at 7pm


Friday: Friday Night Magic Modern at 5pm

Friday: FNM Draft at 7:30pm


Saturday: Digimon at 1pm

Saturday: Cardfight Vanguard at 2:30pm

Saturday: Yu-Gi-Oh at 4:30pm

Saturday: Flesh and Blood draft at 6:00pm


Sunday: Yu-Gi-Oh Time Wizards at 5pm

Strixhaven Pre-release

Strixhaven Take Home Pre-release


Take Home Pre-release entry $30.00

You receive 1 kit and 2 prize packs


Take Home Bundle entry $140.00

You receive 1 of each kit and 2 prize packs


Commander 2021 Open Duels entry $40.00

receive 1 random 2021 commander deck to duel with


Strixhaven Set Booster early sale promotion

1 set booster box, and 1 buy-a-box promo $135.00

Holiday Sale!!!

Christmas, Come Early


December 5th through the 24th



Phantom Rage Booster Boxes $75

Maximum Gold $25

Legendary Duelists $12

Booster Packs 3 for $10


Magic: The Gathering

Ikoria, Core 2021, and Zendikar Rising packs 3 for $10

Zendikar Rising Booster Boxes $99.99

Zendikar Rising Gift Bundles $49.99


All Cardfight Vanguard Boosters 3 for $10


All Games Workshop items 15% off


All Board Games, Roleplaying Games, and RPG accessories 20%0ff

Temporary Hours

We just want to let everyone know that as we work our way through the Covid-19 pandemic we are open 4 pm. to 8 pm everyday. The hours will revert back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you.

Phyrexia All Will Be One
Phyrexia All Will Be One
Phyrexia All Will Be One
Phyrexia All Will Be One